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Election pages European Parliament

All you need to know about the elections can be found on the Election pages of the European Parliament. It includes: How to vote, Why to vote, Create a reminder to vote, How the elections work. 

Past Environmental voting behaviour

Five leading climate and environment organisations (BirdLife Europe, Climate Action Network Europe, European Environmental Bureau, Transport & Environment and WWF European Policy Office) have analysed European Parliament voting records of the last five years to provide citizens with an interactive overview that scores all the national political parties and European Parliamentary Groups based on their voting performance.

The EU Parliament Scoreboard

The EU Parliament Scoreboard looks at the individual voting behaviour of every MEP during the 2019-2024 legislative term and scores them against the voting recommendations of the five European environmental organisations. This provides a measure of each MEPs commitment to environmental sustainability – with the result being a score out of 100. Results are aggregated in the scoreboard for political groups and national parties represented in the European Parliament.

The scoring assesses voting behaviour across 30 policy files, comprising key climate, energy and environmental legislation. 12 policy files focused on a climate-neutral and socially just transition, 8 focused on a nature-positive Europe, and 10 focused on the circular economy and achieving zero pollution.

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