Europe For Nature

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How you can support the EuropeForNature initiative

Do you have expertise in environmental changes, their environmental and/or societal impacts and/or possible solutions? Are you also deeply concerned by the decline of nature in Europe and worldwide, and its impact on current and future generations? Do you agree that it is important that people prioritise nature and sustainability in their decisions? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then we kindly ask you to support the EuropeForNature initiative by:

01. Publish a story on your social media account(s)

Write your short story in your own language about why Europeans citizens should prioritise nature and sustainability. Base the story on your own expertise, addressing one or several of the following questions:

  • Which environmental changes do you see (nature, soil, water, air) and what is the cause of these changes?
  • Which societal impacts do you see as a result of environmental changes?
  • Which environmental and/or societal impacts are projected for the future if nature and sustainability are (not) taken into account?
  • What successes do you see if nature and sustainability get attention?
  • What research/activities are carried out to better understand the (potential) environmental changes, its impacts and solutions?
  • What will happen if Europeans include nature and sustainability (more) in their decisions and what will happen if they don’t?

Add the hashtag #EuropeForNature so supporters of the initiative can help increase its reach.

Add a link to

Clearly state (why it is important) that Europeans prioritise nature and sustainability.

02. Publish your story on

Submit your story also to via this form. If you don’t use social media, you can also publish your story here. By submitting your story (also) on we create a full overview of all stories published. 

03. Engage with social media posts with #EuropeForNature

Respond to social media posts using #EuropeForNature to increase their reach. Subscribe to the relevant EuropeForNature WhatsApp community to get notifications of relevant social media posts where you can respond to.

04. Ask your colleagues to contribute their story

Ask your colleagues and scientific networks to contribute to EuropeForNature by publishing their own stories.

05. Sign the petition

Sign the #EuropeForNature petition and encourage others to do the same.

06. Donate to the initiative

Donate to the EuropeForNature initiative to amplify our joint impact.

Who are experts?

We invite those who professionally work on topics that relate to environmental changes and/or its (societal) impacts.  So, those who work at a university, research institute, non governmental organisation (NGO), governmental organisation, financial organisation, agricultural organisation, commercial organisation, freelance, or another type of organisation.