Biodiversity decline in the Netherlands

dr. Iris Hordijk, Wageningen University

Image author: Photo by Palle Knudsen on Unsplash

How much more evidence do we need before we act? Biodiversity decline in the Netherland is evident and happens across many taxa and very fast. (Local) species extinction is not only something which happens when tropical forests are cut down, it is apparent in our own backyard as well. Due to intensive agriculture, nitrogen pollution and habitat fragmentation, habitat quantity and quality are declining. Biodiversity in the Netherlands is 15% of what it has been in a natural situation without disturbance, performing worse compared to the average in Europe, which is 35%. What do we do without for example our pollinators, which are crucial for our agricultural production? Let’s talk, act and vote green, for a more biodiverse world. Not only for us, but mainly for the generations to come.

Curious about the red list species in the Netherlands ? Check this out:

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