Gegen Rechts für Umwelt- und Klimaschutz

Bald sind Europawahlen und nicht erst jetzt zeigt sich ein Rechtsruck in Europa und über seine Grenzen hinaus. Auch nicht erst jetzt zeigt sich, dass die ungleiche Verteilung von Vermögen weltweit weiterwächst mit der Folge, dass mehr und mehr Menschen in Armut leben müssen. Zeitgleich lässt sich allerorts beobachten, wie extreme Wetterereignisse zunehmen. Darunter Hagel, […]

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Companies lead, government lags

Cargill and Nestle, two of the world’s largest agri and food companies are already switching to regenerative agriculture in the supply chain. This low to no input, nature friendly practice sequesters carbon, regenerates the soil and allows nature to flourish. The investment to transition is high – €93 per 0.40 ha (acre) and should be

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Where are the Laws of Nature When Decisions are Made?

In science and innovation networks, many experts argue that solutions to the colossal problems we face are available today. However, attempts to implement and scale these solutions to system levels get stuck by default. Projects fail for the same reasons as their predecessors. A group of Individuals with such experiences began to ask questions like:

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Europe Needs Education on Nature

I would like to contribute to #EuropeFor Nature by sharing my story as an expert in Finance and Nature. With just a few days to go before the next European elections, I want to stress the need to educate Europeans: especially future MEPs and all European citizens, whether they vote … or not, for various

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