Vote on a party that puts sustainability before short-term interests

Dr Patrick Jansen, Wageningen University

Image author: Patrick Jansen

The upcoming European elections are incredibly important for nature. European authorities have begun to roll back many policies and rules that are meant to protected nature, to ensure that our environment gets cleaner and healther, and to help industries and agriculture adopt environmentally friendly practices. This is worrying, because despite recovery here and there, the natural world at large keeps degrading. This is due to a variety of factors, including lack of space for nature, lack of connections, climate change, poor water management, and pollution. We really need Europe-wide policies and rules to fix these problems, in a way that is fair to all European citizens and enterpreneurs.

As ecologist, naturalist, citizen and father, ecological degradation concerns me deeply. Not just because I love nature, because I enjoy observing the variety of fascinating species and ecosystems, and because I think it is unethical and unchristian to let species go extinct. I am also worried because the decline of nature is a sign that we are degrading our own environment, and this will ultimately hurt people too. It is wrong to knowingly cause trouble for future generations because of short-term personal interests.

We badly need a Green Deal that tackles the problems of nature in a fair way, and puts Europe on the path of sustainability. I urge everyone to vote on a party that puts sustainability before short-term interests.

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