Nature is an indispensable part of a future that desirable and feasible

Hans de Kroon, Radboud University

Image author: Karsten Russ

Source Photo: Karsten Russ

Six years ago, our analysis of German data revealed that we have lost three-quarters of our flying insects in less than 30 years. Recent accounts on wild plants, farmland birds and hoverflies confirm that negative trends continue until today. Our ecosystems are beginning to fall apart.

So, what should we be doing? Act.

At times of crisis, we long for a future that is desirable and feasible. Nature is an indispensable part of this future. A nature in full glory: beautiful, thriving and awe inspiring. It is part of us, people are physically and mentally healthier in a green environment with the plants and animals that belong in it.

What if we can realize such a natural environment that is also climate-proof and makes viable services to a landscape that we identify ourselves with. It releases energy. The good news is that in many regions in Europe, good farming, good citizenship, good governance and new science act together, significantly improving biodiversity. I am making a contribution myself in the Livings Labs for the restoration of rural biodiversity and by studying and promoting flower dikes.

The bad news is that the national and European policies hardly recognize these achievements with appropriate support and legislation. It is therefore imperative to raise the voice of nature in the upcoming European election.

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