Red Alert: wild mammals make up only a few percent of the world’s mammals!

Jana Verboom, Wageningen University

One of the most compelling figures I saw over the last few years is the one where the total weight of all mammals on earth, so all elephants, whales, rhinos, deer, cats, dogs, cows, pigs, humans, and the rest are compared to the weight of the separate categories. The outcome (see Livestock make up ca. 62% of the world’s mammal biomass; humans account for 34%; and wild mammals are just 4%. Of which roughly half are the marine mammals and a mere 2% are wild terrestrial mammals. The livestock and humans moreover demand so much food that a large part of the planet is used for producing food and feed – in an unsustainable way. Is this the world we want to live in? No. We want more nature: more area, more quality, more protection. More space for wild animals to roam. Let’s vote for such a nature-inclusive future. #EuropeForNature.

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